Milescraft 1600 Tri Grips Non-Slip Work Supports, 4-Piece

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  • Non-slip friction pads hold projects in place without clamps while routing, sand, painting, etc

  • Platforms elevate projects 1-3/16 inch above the work surface for complete access to edges for painting

  • Exclusive integrated painting supports provide 3 inch elevation and minimal contact with freshly painted or stained project surfaces

  • Self-adjusting internal ballast allows the center of gravity to flow to the base in any position

  • 4 piece set

Instant, positive lateral stability on almost any kind of work surface without clamps! Special foam impregnated nonslip skin holds any type of material in place, allowing users to rout, sand, drill, carve and paint without clamps and with assurance the workpiece will not move. When on their flat side, TriGripsTM hold a workpiece 1-3/16 above the benchtop. When a TriGrip block is set on edge self-adjusting internal ballast flows to the base of each unit for stability. A cone-shaped tip is formed into one corner of the TriGrip block to support your material 3 above the work surface for applying paint and other brushed finishes. TriGrips support large workpieces in the corners; long, narrow workpieces along the middle or when grouped together form a concentrated center support.